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integrated tail light

hi guys got one of the motodynamics integrated tail lights on the monster but concerned it wont pass the MOT with it on and am stuggling to find an original unit on fleabay. was going to just get the light and harness and just disconnect the integrated one as had to chop wires up and add resisters to get it working.
are they passable by some testers or should i keep looking is basically the question im asking.
it would be going straight back on after test anyway as it looks the nuts.
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Take it in and see what happens.
They might not even test the indicators.
My mot was look at tires check brake light and number plate and wait 30 mins for paper work
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ask your mot man before you get it tested mine past at allenby commercials lincoln 540013
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another year another bike
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have an oem tail light in good shape from an s2r, some of the "chrome" has flaked off the bezel but its otherwise in VGC
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Disconnect the integrated indicators if you still have stock ones fitted and you'll be fine. I would imagine its down to the individual tester as to whether they choose to fail it.

Technically the indicators are too close together for UK regs iirc
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They have changed the legislation (according to my MOT man) and mine should have failed but i have the two sticking out of the side still so it passed

just keep the old 2 and make sure it doesn't turn out half of the brake light in preference for the indicators (which is a failure!)
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well spoke to him and have got to take it to show him tomorrow morning, if not might take u up on the offer of tail light.
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how much were u after for the oem unit funkatronic?
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Take all indicators of for MOT, they are not needed. Then re-fit after test.
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Originally Posted by final_edition View Post
Take all indicators of for MOT, they are not needed. Then re-fit after test.
They are needed on a 'road' bike, unless you are going for a daylight use only MOT test...

Road bikes have to have indicators since about 1982 [I believe], it is only bikes "designed primarily for off-road use, and have no provision for a passenger" (ie. no pillion pegs) that are exempt for a full MOT...


ps. fwiw - I have the combined brake/tail/indicators on my bike, and as of May this year, technically they do now fail the MOT - not because of the spacing (that is Construction and Use, not MOT), but, as BigFireTruck says, it is because when the indicator part flashes, it masks half the brake light...* The fact the other half of the brake light is still showing seems to have passed the legislators by - particularly as there is no set minimum size for a brake tail light anyway...

*Not sure what all these Harley Sportster riders are going to do in three years time, as the current model has no separate tail light, rather the two turn signals are also the brake tail lights, in an American stylee...
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Don't know if his is still the case but it was in the late '80s: If the bike is eligible for no indicators, the switch must also be removed.
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My M600 failed the MOT on the integrated tail light thingy, apparently if the indicator switches off half of the tail light as it flashes, then it,s a failure. I disconnected the indicator wires and fitted a pair of LED separate indicators to gat it passed. The tester explained the new ruling to me, which he said all testers are not aware of yet. The numpty who dreamed up the new rule must have a brain the size of a peanut.
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well the deal is he will pass it but put a note on the mot saying no rear indicators fitted to cover his bum, im happy with that as even he said theres no point in him saying fit a legal unit as i will just fit the integrated one back on as soon as i get back from test
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S4Rs MacK
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Had one on my old RS and the tester at the station i use showed me the literature from VOSA which outlaws the integrated tail lights so officially every station should be failing them. He liked my bike that much though so he let me pass. Lol.


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