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My bikes, part four.

As I have more than one bike and they are all different (but similar) I thought I might write a little review of each of them, so here is the fourth oldest (second newest).
BMW R1200R.

So after having a Triumph thunderbird for three years and a Triumph Tiger Sport for just under three years I wanted something a bit different. I liked the cruiser style but her indoors didnít. I quite liked the adventure style but the engine was not as good as my Speed Triple so the bike felt a bit bland. I tried all the available big naked bikes and came down on the BMW R1200r eighteen months ago, this has to be the most underrated bike in the world, seriously. It is very easy to ride, very smooth and has all the modern wiz bangs (if you pay for them), Advanced ABS, traction Control, ride by wire, Cruise control, active suspension, quick shifter and power modes, the handling is great and the brakes are fantastic. All the controls are very slick and smooth with a one finger clutch (when I use it) and the brakes are equally light, hauling the bike down with ease, even though they are partially linked I hardly notice it. It has less weight, more power and the same torque as the Suzuki and itís easily accessible so just a pleasure to ride, and it also returns 64 MPG, however it uses a little oil, not enough to need a top up between servicing but a slight drop (Iím told this is common until it has good few miles on it). I fitted the usual crash bobbins and pipe to it but the pipe does not make it that much louder as most of the silencing is done in the cat, but it saves a **** load of weight. I also bought the extra high sport seat as the standard high seat was way too low for comfort. I did have a slight problem with it in that it was blowing coolant out of the expansion bottle when hot but the dealer replaced the radiator cap, water pump and some other bit and itís been fine since. One thing I donít like about BMWís is that they donít sell well used without ďpacksĒ (extras) on them and most of the packs come with stuff you donít want, for instance I wanted heated grips and tyre pressure monitors but this is only available as a pack with chrome exhaust but I was always going to swap the exhaust so I have a brand new shiny pipe in the loft which I had to pay extra for. I have fitted Shad top box and panniers to bike as these were the same price as the BMW top box and panniers (even after buying the fitting kit) and carry more stuff being able to get a full face in both pannier and two in the top box. The BMW set up can only fit a full face in the top box (more bits in the loft). However my dealer took this into account and gave me a very good price so I can live with the box of extras in the loft as the bike is so good, in fact I cannot fault it and I am using a lot less chain lube. When used solo I just select the suspension mode for rider only, throttle control for dynamic (sport) and go for a ride, if I want to up the pace a bit I just select the suspension to dynamic as well, the bike is brilliant for a solo rider. Having said that it is equally capable two up being just as much fun, just set the suspension to two up on the handlebar and off you go, itís very comfortable and riding this bike can be quite relaxing but if the mood takes you it can certainly keep up a good pace which is where the quick shifter shows its strengths up and down the box with the autoblipper making the downshift smooth and it sounds great. I think this has to be one of the most underrated bike on sale in the UK at the moment and there has just been an update to a variable valve 1250cc which has 10 more horses and 13 more torques.

Keep the rubber side down. Mick
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Great feedback. I keep looking at a black SE version.
They seem a better option than the very capable GS, that i bet 95% of owners never take off the tarmac. A mates got the 2018 rallye gs. Handles surprisingly well, but too tall for me to feel comfortable.
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I doubt very few 'dual sport' bike owners take their bikes off road. But then, what percentage of sportsbike owners take their bikes on track?

There's a video knocking around of some dude on a (possibly) Panigale with knobbly tires, hammering around the woods...

Anyway, I was considering a GS or a Tiger as another bike. I'd not even considered an R1200R, but now I might! The lack of any real wind protection might be a negative though.
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Another interesting model that you don't see too many of. And a trellis frame too!

There's a short test of the current version (R1250R with "shift-cam") in the latest Bike magazine. They gave it 9/10.
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