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3 years on - from new!

done the initial runningin - ok, first second and third services hurt in the wallet but i know it wasnt gunna be cheep as i handed over the readies.
the only two real big gripes are...
1 - the foot rests... did ducati use poster paint? have tried my best to keep them clean but they are now so furry im surpried there aren't any little animals living in there....
2 - the clocks... now on my 3rd set as the first two broke at the fixing points, and guess what... yep this set has also broken. is it me? the rumble of the v-twin (i know its L-twin but that sounds crap!) or are they made from bakerlite?

apart from that tiz a wonderful beastie. had a jap-crap 600 before, untill i thought it would look better parked in the side of a miopic golf. this is sooo much better. bags of grunt. ooodles of style (either clean or dirty) and that sound.... did i get told off the the love of v-twins the other day or what. ok so the baby was asleep in the back of the car and there were 5 or 6 ducatis behind.. what was i suposed to do. keep the window shut. dont think so it was a hot day. (thats my excuse anyways)

only thing is now its out of warentee, i feel a few mods coming on... the start of a slippery slope me feels.
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