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Hi All

Just bought a flat with a garage. The garage is quite a distance from the flat with no electrics.
Just wondering what people in similar circumstances do to charge their bikes?
Im reluctant to have to keep removing the battery and charging it in the flat.
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do you have a flat roof on the garage?
a small solar panel could do the job if it can be discretely popped on top and the wiring hidden from prying eyes.
of course if the flats overlook the garage roof that may not be practical.

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preneolithic frebie
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If you Google Optimate Solar Charger you'll find they do something appropriate!!! Haven't tried one myself but they are apparently quite good.

Hope that helps

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Originally Posted by Luddite View Post
Funny you should post this - five minutes before I read it, I'd been leafing through today's MCN and there was a mention of Optimate's Duo solar charger, which they specifically said can charge both standard and lithium batteries. Not cheap though.

I see Optimate do just sell the controller, which presumably could be used with your existing solar panel.
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alan s4
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I've been running solar chargers on all 3 of my bikes for years now. Even in the depths of winter (in Scotland!) there is enough sunlight to keep the batteries happy. I've got mine from Halfords (20 quid or so) and they have lasted well.
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