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Joshua Brew
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Exhaust studs

Hi Guys

the bike is an 1100 evo

i am going to replace my timing belts this summer and to do so i need to remove the exhaust. i've noticed that one of the nuts on the lower cylinder manifold is seized onto the stud, that is in turn screwed in to the cylinder head.

Has anyone removed or replaced these studs? The last thing i want to do is strip the thread in the head! The stud with the nut seized on to it does seem to unscrew but its quite tight.

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Yes I done this very recently.

I'd say for you to give moto-rapido a phone and get the bits ordered first...that's what I done.

And as you say never a nice task due to worrying about stripping and snapping etc.

I'd recommend an overnight plus gas first then have a go at it. No secret technique just very gently apply pressure and it should start to move....... an old trick is to try (gently) tightening it before loosening.

If it all goes pear shaped a welder should be able to weld a nut on whats left; that and the heat usually does the trick (recent experience with that too after I snapped my VFR stud).

if you get it all out just bin the old studs and nuts and fit new everything paying attention to correct torque figures and what thread lock or copper slip etc to use.

Be careful with the old gasket, it's silver and metal covered so at first glance it'll look like one hasn't been fitted. I just prized it out with a screw driver and chucked it in the bin too....mind and fit a new one when going back together.
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Stainess studs are available from ebay sellers. Probably cheaper than buying standard ones.
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