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Clutch adjustment on M696

Anyone offer any advice on this,

The clutch lever on my 696 is now engaging the clutch when the lever is almost fully released.
I'm wondering if the clutch plates are need replaced, but i haven't found many comments on here about wet clutches needing replaced, not at 16k miles anyway
Is there any adjustment at the Slave cylinder or does any wear occur here that would require to be replaced.

Planning an oil change before the season starts and will likely open the clutch cover to inspect the plates, but as the plates are pretty expensive i'd like to eliminate that the issue could be at the slave cylinder
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Wet clutches don't often/almost never wear down. When they are replaced it's usually because they glaze and start slipping. My first two clutches did it at 16' miles with synthetic oil and at 25' with semi synthetic for the next three.

There is an adjuster on the lever. You can back it out, but must pay close attention and see/feel if you have created drag (pulls forward and/or hard to find neutral)
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As stopintime said, it's unlikely that any of the clutch hardware will have worn out, especially in only 16k miles.

When was the fluid last changed? Before you start pulling things apart, I'd suggest flushing through with fresh fluid with a thorough bleed and see if that improves matters.
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