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Voltmeter phone charger

I fitted this earlier, I’m very good at running out of charge with my phone when out on rides, it’ll also power the sat nav, so just been for a ride, running at approx 6k revs it’s 14.2v and doesn’t go above that so reg/rec is doing its job nicely, but I got a surprise when I switched the lights on, it read 14.4 and up to 14.6 but didn’t go above that, I know nothing about electronics, does switching the lights on employ another phase of the alternator or something?, Cheers Mark

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I'm no electrical expert but is it something to do with Ohm's Law?

Ohm's law states that the electrical current (I) flowing in a circuit is proportional to the voltage (V) and inversely proportional to the resistance (R) i.e. I = V/R.

So, when you turn the lights on, you increase the current draw, which means the voltage also increases in proportion.

Happy to be corrected if I'm wrong!
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