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Mr Gazza
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MCT Suspension

I just want to say a few words about MCT near Stowmarket in Suffolk.
There are rumours circulating that they have either gone out of business or that they only work for selected favourite customers. This is not true, Darren is very much in business and does a fabulous job to your suspension in a very quick turnaround time.
What he has stopped doing is working on complete bikes and now only operates on forks or rear shocks. After extracting the rear shock from my Monster I can understand why! This has done wonders for his turnaround time.

A few weeks back I presented him with my Ohlins rear shock and adjustable Showa forks from my M900Sie. I did a lot last year by changing the head bearings and fork oil, as well as fitting new Metzler Roadtec 01 tyres. That improved the handling no end although this wore off after about 4000 miles when the rear tyre developed a small flat and I couldn't cure a squeak in the rear end by changing the hoop rose joints. I had intended to send the suspension in last year, but listened to the rumours instead of actually calling the guy!

The rear shock has done over 46000 miles and should be serviced every 16000 according to Darren, so it was due. He replaced all the rubber components then re gassed and oiled it. He always returns the pre-load to it's as received position and sets compression and rebound to his suggested settings. The shock is also spotlessly clean.
The forks got new seals and oil, changing to 15w oil instead of the 7.5w that I had been using. He says that it needs to be at least that thick in order to make the valving work properly. You get an Ohlins coloured MCT sticker on each fork leg when he's done.

His parting words when I picked up my shock and forks, were "Let me know how you get on with them". So I did.
Initially I was elated by the precise taught steering, The flat spot on the tyre was a thing of the past. It was a bit of a hard ride though with forks 2 clicks out on comp and 7 on rebound, shock was 12 clicks out on comp and 16 on rebound. I wound 2 more clicks of comp out both ends and 1 more click each of rebound. Result was I was coming out of the saddle sometimes and the ride was very choppy!
Darren analysed what I had done and recommended to wind a bit more rebound out than compression as the suspension was not recovering from bumps in time for the next one. He also said drop in with the bike and he'd have a bounce on it to see what we can do.
This was a free offer and I might take him up some time.
So I wound out 2 more clicks of rebound both ends and another click of comp. Things are much more comfortable now with no crashing into potholes and still the razor steering. I have noticed that it seems much more confidence inspiring in the wet now. It just felt firmly planted and safe when I was caught in a cloud burst in the city, the roads were foaming with the filth from the long dry spell. It looked like soap suds all over the roads!
So I'm very pleased with MCT's quick and friendly service with free advice thrown in.
I even got a little book with all the initial settings, spring rates and oils used, along with a section for adding my own tuning notes.
Should have done this years ago, but pleased I have now..

MCT highly recommended. 07359 339967

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Blah blah
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I have the same stickers !

Can't fault their service to be honest, perhaps the rumours started because they were busy and someone got upset that they couldn't get booked in for some work straight away...
Power is nothing without control... I have neither !
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I was a frequent customer of MCT when I lived and worked closer to them. Various forks, steering dampers and rear shocks. Always very specific and detailed work. I enjoyed each experience. I'm a fan of his work and after sales attitude too.
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Mr Gazza
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It's good to hear another endorsement.
As Blah blah down in Cornwall will probably testify he has a swift turnaround postal service.
I know it's always nice to meet the guy and talk face to face, but he has his phone in his lughole all the time and answers in a couple of rings, he will talk you through your parts as he looks at them on his bench and discuss options. He stocks most parts needed to refurb most suspension, so starts work as soon as you hang up.
The postie happened to call with another armful of forks and shocks when I was dropping mine off.
So perfectly okay to carry on enjoying his expertise even though he is no longer local to you.
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