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Hi no-shot.
Good bike choice!
I've had 14t front sprocket fitted and Rexxer reflash by Cornerspeed (posted ECU).
They were both done at the same time so it's hard to say which is most influential. 14t front sprocket has to be the easiest and cheapest mod going though.
Since the changes the bike is much smoother, it's now a breeze around town, and the acceleration is much quicker. On normal roads up to (ahem) 80-90 it will keep up with most bikes. If you do longer distances and motorways you might prefer to keep the taller gearing (and better fuel economy) but for my Sunday afternoon/evening jaunts this set-up is great fun! I'm going to The Classic TT this year and I think it will be perfect on The Island but the ride to Heysham may be a bit of a pain!
After three years, I can't see me getting rid of mine until I'm too old to get my leg over it (oo-er missus)!
Any questions, give me a shout!
What's that coming over the hill?
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