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Thank you for the info Buzzer. I found Efoam in my searches, thanks for the recommendation though.

Sounds like it might be a touch on the firm side for me, but could be better than a hard hump with only a thin covering, when I come to use throw-over panniers.
Many years ago (over 40 I think) I "recovered" some sound insulating foam from the engine room of a fire damaged boat that had come in for an insurance re-fit.
It's very dense and Orange in colour.. No idea what it's made of, but I've used it on a couple of seats in the past and it's proved comfortable, a bit of a mare to shape though! Not sure if I still have enough in stock for the current project.

Your trimmer knows his stuff by the looks. I have a highly recommended chap locally that I am yet to make contact with, so that's the next step, or get the hand cranked Singer out again.
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