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Originally Posted by Mr Gazza View Post
EFP30 foam has piqued my interest, as I am now at the foam lump stage of a GRP seat base that I have recently made. I googled it and cannot get an idea of "squidginess"!
How does it compare to that pork cheese looking foam made of multi-coloured bits?

I am assuming that it's okay for an upright sort of riding position such that you have?
Really keen to try the sandable shaping aspect, as I could use this foam to form the rear upholstered hump, rather than shaped "Cellotex" with GRP overlay.

Do you use ordinary contact glue on this? ..and is it ok to cut with a bandsaw?
Hi Mr Gazza, the foam is "firm", more firm than the multicoloured foam, but in my opinion its still got enough give to be comfortable, especially if you cover it with 6 of 13 mm foam. this is what the trimmer does for me. for a seat hump it would be fine without the foam...

it cuts with any saw, but I find a bread knife works well. if you start with square blocks, draw lines on it with a felt pen so you can cut accurately, and then sand the corners off...

I get the foam from a local company, but they sell on Ebay as well under the name efoamuk. the also sell some airosol spray adhesive which is cheap and brilliant

EFOAM Unit 20 Barton Industrial Park
Etruria Way
West Midlands
WV14 7LH

here is another example I did last year, as you can see its shaped at the front to make it more comfortable for me...

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