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Cool m800ie

Finally got to fetch my Monster today, weather forecast not good, but dry at least %6, so I wrapped up with thermal long johns, then double skinned combats, with waterproofs over the top, my leather with a high vis jacket over the top just to stop the wind, & keep the ass holes who cant see ya away.
I tucked chemical hand warmers, down my Boots, to keep mt toes warm, & it worked a treat, also in my pockets, & gloves. It worked so well rideing through Grimsby I was glad to get on the m18 to get moving, & cool down.
Bike wise, its hard not to compare the Monster to my last bike a Buell xb9s both fuel injected V twins, throttle response very similar, my Buell had the full race system, the Monster, Remus pipes, winner on sound for me, the Monster, performance, hardly surprising, the Buell has 20 more horses,&200cc's more. Brakes they say Buell's outer rim front brake is the best in the world, on a production bike, & I think if it was a double disc maybe it would be, but I have to say the Dukes felt better, deff more feedback & just as good.
Handling, again the magazines rave about the Buells, I felt it lacked feedback, my Dukes tires I would say at 2,800 are past their best, the rear anyway, but I still felt it gave more rider feedback, I also Liked that its a bit longer, I'm only 5'10" but the Buell was cramped, again Monster wins.
Looks, well all down to taste really, I like both, but the Duke wins, mine is fitted with 1" risers which helps with me being an old codger, I still felt the ache of the wrists, that the Buell left me with, but after a Hour & half ride in dam cold conditions, I would have been ready to get off any bike I think.
Overall a dam good first day with a new toy.
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