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How many M400 owners on this site?

Just curious really, I know Hellcat has one and I have a 400SS which I really enjoy riding. What other non-racing Ducati has an engine that you can rev to 11,000 rpm with the factory's approval? - and what a glorious sound when it gets up there - it's almost worth recording.
I know from a technical point of view there's not much difference between these and their slightly larger siblings but there are a couple of things I could mention :- If you didn't know, there is a power band 'flat spot' around 4k that is perfectly normal, I think they did well to accomodate the 38 mm carb bodies used on the 600/750/900 and you can 'drive around' it most times anyway. The other thing (but I don't know if the M400 shares this as it's got to be a different unit anyway) is the painfully inadequate rear damper unit, particularly the spring rating. Mine is a '92 with around 12,000 miles on it and with spring adjusted to the max I can still bottom out if road is really undulating. I weigh around 13 stone so would suit a lighter rider I guess. Some would write these bikes off as gutless - I just see them as different.
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