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Originally Posted by jerry View Post
Apparently from Begining of July...

Always treat with caution any news that starts with the word 'apparently'!

So, apparently(!), the appearance of 'E5' labels on forecourt pumps has nothing to do with any changes to Esso's Synergy Supreme+, it is merely the application of new fuel labelling guidelines previously announced by the government back in February.

Under the new rules, two new labels must be shown on all pumps by September - 'E5' and 'B7'; 'E5' means petrol with an ethanol content not exceeding 5% (so including ethanol-free), and 'B7' is for diesel with no more than 7% FAME (Fatty acid methyl ester).

If and when 10% ethanol fuel is introduced, then a new label 'E10' will be introduced for 5%-10% ethanol content.

There is still no legislation requiring a minimum ethanol content in fuel; legislation only governs maximum ethanol content.

An email to Esso yesterday prompted the now familiar response i.e.

"Esso Synergy Supreme+ is ethanol free (except in Devon, Cornwall, the Teesside area and Scotland) and we have no current intention to add ethanol to Synergy Supreme+ in other areas of the UK." you were!

[I'll attach a copy of this to the other ethanol thread to bring everything together]
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