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24-01-2004, 11:27 AM
Originally posted by JMo on 14-07-2003

Anyone else in Sussex ridden an S4R? - ah, only me then...

Had a go on P&H's demo this afternoon (not their demo yet, as it was still being run in, but will be available soon).

Very nice (although a lot higher than the 620ie ride hight I'm used to - almost a Multistrada infact!) - smooth, it's going to be fantastic once you can rev it over 5000 rpm!

Did about 100 miles on it on some favorite roads... Suspension feels well sorted when compared to cheaper siblings, but the fly screen still wobbles around all over the place, and the brake levers have lugs into the bars, so you can't rotate them without resorting to a needle file (do midgets assemble Ducatis?! - all the demo bikes I've ridden have the brake and clutch levers pointing at the sky!)

At least the bars are on risers, so fitting some Renthals won't be a problem (wey hey!).

The looks are growing on me (passed the shop window test with flying colours!) - just wish they'd gone the whole hog with the blue and white one, and painted the frame white too (a la 851). Single sider tubework looks fab - all it need is a good polish and wey hey!

But is it really £3000 better than a blue 620? Hmmmmm - I think Smeegal is safe for now!


24-01-2004, 11:29 AM
Originally posted by njgt on 18-07-2003

Just picked up Ducati Leeds Demo Bike this afternnon to play with till tomorrow - fab.

Initial thoughts - very impressive. A bit of a pig in slow moving traffic as its wanting to be off with just the slightest throttle movement.

Well impressed with the suspension a lot better that the Sachs on my M750.

The demo only had 400 miles on it so had to be careful as it was still being run in, but in top a 5000 rpm your flying - (sorry officer!)

The Swingarm looks good as JMo says it need a good polish. The colostomy bag of a cat is the only thing that spoils its looks. I think I'd have to bin that.

Screen does wobble but its quite effective.

I like the blue one better than the Red Demo.