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24-01-2004, 11:25 AM
Originally posted by mac on 13-08-2003


I've got an S4 fogarty, (who are the other 8?)

its the dogs bollocks when i do ride it, which is next to never
the first 5 months of its life it was in daytona getting re wired

then it over heated and then i got it stuck in the back gargen behind scaffolding for 6 months so its jsut got dusted off

its way more 'twitchy' than the original m600 i had back in 94
and generally is a bit of a beast compared to my 'everyday' bike (triumph speedtriple 955i)

no wall i got to do is actually USE the thing some more

oh and the corse stripe on the tank has all bubbled up
by the petrol cap which is a bit annoying on a custom
paint finish

Bob Dixon
25-05-2004, 08:08 PM
I`m one of the few UK owners to be fortunate to get hold of a Fogarty S4. Firts job was to fit all the goodies which came with it....ECU , exhaust, rear sprocket etc etc, oh and some cam belts! The machine had stood for a couple of years having been bought by an investor. My local ducati dealer had warned me that this machine was a 'focused track day tool', and not something that would be a practical useable bike. I hate to dispel the myth but the Foggy S4 is a pussy cat, dead easy to ride quickly and very comfortable for long journeys [200miles plus] . I rode it through the winter and found it safe and predictable, it handles well even when loaded with luggage and i`m sure it would make a good track fday tool as well. Bad points? Slightly jerky throttle response at small throttle openings, no big deal. Paint job. Not being a fanzine type I shall be removing the references to King Carl as soon as possible from the tank and screen.