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12-10-2005, 05:43 PM
Spotted this in Playcross Powersports...Nice but at £5500 out of my price range. After some toe rag wan'*er wrecked the top yolk of my workhorse Suzuki SV650 I was in need of retail therapy and revisited Claycross.
By pure luck my brother and I hit them on special offers night, save £1000. Septin they only asked for £4199 for 03 Monster S4 with only 2000 miles on the clock, 1 previous. Who am I to argue. :)
Having been abscent from the new bike scene for some six years I was mighty happy with this accuisition. It looks fantastic and my friends all do this :D .

Reviews by their nature must have a personal opinion based on emotion or comparison. I've been a Suzuki SV650 rider for 6 years, the naked SV that is. Funnily enough because I love the look of the Monsters, but was not taken with the stories of unreliabilty, cost and lack of compatability with miserable english weather.
Looks...awesome. Lots of carbon fibre, USD forks, flash wheels, quality rear shock. All adjustable of course.
Ride...breath taking or is that license losing?
Niggles...That bl*@ding clutch and invisible neutral. :mad: The bikini fairing whistles at speed and I don't know the tune. The front brakes howl when wet. The dash is unreadable past 110 mph it vibrates that much and at night just unreadable with the red back light. A tank don't get you much past 100 miles.

Niggles aside however I am mega impressed with this bike. :burnout:
Unfortunatly I can't stand seeing my brother looking like :D so have scoured the web to find 03 S4R and am selling S4 to little bro. :cool:

A Yerbury
12-10-2005, 05:51 PM
hello, a few people will pop up now and say welcome to the mad house..I won't be one of them. Still, congratulations on finally buying a monster after 6 years on an sv because you like the look of etc etc...mine is a bit moody in the wintertime (old 600) but your niggles aside the weather should'nt be a problem. keeping the wheels white might be!


andy pea
12-10-2005, 09:55 PM
The fairing on my s4 can't whistle! - I might try and teach it over the winter?
It wibbles like a slippery fish tho' (might be cos it's held on with one bolt and one cable tie!)
Good choice of bike and "welcome to the madhouse"!

ps-don't listen to any of the criticism of the plumbing from the air-cooled luddites! ;)